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The importance of sleep before a chess match

The average American adult gets approximately 8.6 hours of sleep each night. If you're on the low end of the spectrum, you're probably not on top of your game when it comes to chess. Quality rest can often be the difference in achieving your chess tournament goals. Here are some of the benefits of proper rest:

  • Improved memory: According to, your mind goes through memories of skills you've learned which is called consolidation. Sleep will help your memory whether it's defensive chess strategies or the tendencies of the members of your chess club.
  • Increased creativity: Sleep provides different benefits including increased creativity. Your brain will be able to help you be creative in your openings and approach to the game.
  • Higher attention span: Have you ever tried to take a college final with little to no sleep? How about participating in a chess tournament with a few hours of sleep? Getting enough rest will keep your mind and body fresh while helping you focus on each move.

Start improving your sleeping habits now if you want to experience the benefits of adequate rest. As you do so, your chess game will improve.

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