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The top 5 chess players in the world

If you plan to climb the mountain to chess greatness, it's important to know the top five chess players you have to out play. Here are the top five rate players of all-time as of April 27, 2017:

1. Magnus Carlsen (2882): The 26 year old achieved the impressive rating on May 2014.

2. Garry Kasparov (2851): One of the most famous names in the chess community, Kasparov achieved the rating of 2851 on July 1999.

3. Fabiano Caruana (2844): A few months after Carlsen became the number one chess player, Caruana made his mark achieving the score of 2844 on October 2014.

4. Levon Aronian (2830): Aronian's achievement made history on March 2014.

5. Wesley So (2822): A recent achievement on February 2017, So's rating is impressive despite being behind Carlsen by 60 points.

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