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Five ways to prepare yourself mentally for a chess match

Chess is a tough game that tests your mental prowess and ability to make decisions. If you haven't prepared mentally, the pressure can be draining and may result in a loss. Here are five ways to prepare yourself mentally for a chess match:

1. Go for a walk: Sometimes all you need to get in the right mental zone for your next chess match is a 10-15 minute walk. Your walk doesn't need to cover a great distance to be effective. A quick walk outdoors can rejuvenate your energy levels and help you clear your mind. The fresh air will help you think positively.

2. Listen to music: It doesn't matter whether it's Mozart or 50 cent. What music helps you focus and be ready for your chess match? Trial and error will help you figure that out if you haven't already done so.

3. Visualization: Professional athletes aren't the only human beings who can benefit from this method of preparation. Go through your opening moves in your mind. See the finish of you putting your opponent in checkmate. See your success before you deliver the finishing blow to your opponent.

4. Eat a healthy meal: You are what you eat. At least that's the experts say. Eat a healthy meal before you train and before you take on your next opponent. The wrong foods can impair judgment and decision-making. Foods that can improve brain power include salmon and avocado.

5. A good night's rest: Sleeping well the night before is one of the best things you can do before a chess match. Proper rest will help your brain and body recover from your previous day's activities and help you be calm under pressure.

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